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Dear Customers,

In the lines below we would like to welcome you all into our ‘Micro Cosmos’ of premium quality wines that we have created with so much enthusiasm and affection. The Oak-Tree Wine Cellar was brought to life by: S. G. Katodritis & Co Ltd, a family owned company. The Wine Cellar was constructed with all the required specifications for the ideal display and cellaring of wines. All the wines on display both in the cellar and in our online website have all the information needed in assisting you to attain the wine of your preference. Common characteristic of the wines that we accommodate in our cellar and the new additions that are periodically added to our portfolio is their origin by relatively small producers, cultivated in the wine maker’s own vineyards, bottled on location and in most cases made of indigenous grape varieties. The above characteristics ensure the authenticity of the wines coming from a specific region of the world aiding our ambition to create the ‘Micro Cosmos’ that we have originally intended for you.
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"The Oak Tree" wine cellar was brought to life by the Katodritis family, who have a history in the trading of wines that dates back in the 1950's. Today, the company is run by Mr. Sergios Katodritis who is a co-founder and the person in charge of the cellar, located in the old center of Larnaca town.

The cellar was constructed with all the specifications for an ideal display and cellaring of wines. The company favors to stock and trade wines that are produced by relatively small producers, cultivating in small regional vine yards and wines that are often made with indigenous grape varieties. These characteristics ensure the authenticity of the wines coming from specific regions of the world.

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